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3 Myths About Hearing Loss, Debunked

hearing clinicLike many medical conditions, people tend to think of hearing loss as something other people experience, but something that will never happen to them personally.

Though it's easy to pretend that your individual risk for hearing loss is low, studies show that hearing loss at any age may be more common than you think. In fact, about 15% of adults 18 and older have some form of trouble hearing. What's more, hearing difficulties can occur at any time, since exposure to sounds louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. Clearly, protecting audiological health is important for anyone at any age.

Proper hearing healthcare starts with education. If you're ready to prioritize your hearing health, start by separating fact from fiction. Here are three myths about hearing loss that simply aren't true:

1. Only Elderly Individuals Have to Worry About Hearing Needs

False. As previously mentioned, hearing loss can occur at any age. In fact, one in five children show some signs of hearing loss in one or both ears. Though older adults can have a higher risk of hearing loss, no one is completely without risk. As such, it's important to utilize hearing clinic services and get your hearing tested as part of your general health routine.

2. I Would Know If I Had Hearing Loss

False. For many individuals, their sense of hearing is lost gradually. The brain can adapt remarkably to help you decipher meanings when sounds become muffled. If you notice that you've been turning up the volume of the T.V. higher and higher with each passing month, or constantly asking people to repeat themselves, you could be in the early stages of hearing loss without realizing it. Consider researching local hearing clinics or hearing test centers to rule out hearing complications before they have time to worsen.

3. Hearing Isn't That Important, Anyway

False. Too often, individuals put off getting hearing aids, believing that hearing health simply isn't important enough to prioritize. However, hearing loss can impact other areas of your health by limiting cognitive functioning and hindering interpersonal relationships. What's more, hearing aids are not like glasses. Rather than instantly resolving hearing loss, you may need to spend weeks adjusting to your hearing aids before you notice significant improvement. Hearing health is very important and takes time, so don't wait to visit a hearing clinic to get tested!

Protect your hearing health to stay connected with your world. By ignoring these three myths, you'll be ready to help you or a loved one retain your sense of hearing for many conversations and songs to come. For more information, contact us at The Hearing Clinic today!