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How Hearing Health Impacts Your Overall Well-Being

hearing aid clinicThough we may take them for granted, each of our five senses helps maintain our overall health. Our eyesight guides us through interactions and activities without injury, and even our senses of smell and taste help prevent us from accidentally eating harmful substances like spoiled food.


Just like our other senses, our sense of hearing protects our overall well-being. Individuals with hearing loss might even experience other physical and cognitive symptoms if their hearing loss goes untreated.


And yet, many individuals put off getting their hearing tested at a hearing aid clinic. In fact, of those age 70 and older who could benefit from hearing aids, less than 30% have ever used them. Too often, individuals don't seek help for hearing loss, and experience frustrating life and health impacts as a result.


Here are just a few surprising ways our sense of hearing impacts not just our lives, but our overall health:


Physical Health Consequences


Individuals who have lost some of their sense of hearing still strain to listen and understand events that happen around them. Their brains have to work doubly hard to keep up and connect missing pieces of information. This effort can cause individuals to experience stress and strain, which can lead to headaches, muscle tension, and even changes in blood pressure levels. The stress that comes with hearing loss can also impact sexual health and eating habits.


Mental and Social Health Consequences


Many individuals with hearing loss eventually experience mental and cognitive symptoms as well. Hearing loss makes holding conversations with loved ones difficult, and some patients choose to withdraw from social interactions to hide their confusion. Low self-esteem, shame, sadness and frustration are all common emotional effects of untreated hearing loss. Losing your sense of hearing can even impact memory and day-to-day functioning-- your brain is so focused on connecting missing pieces of sound information that it cannot focus on the task at hand, such as driving, and it may even struggle to store a memory for that day.


Hearing health, physical health, and mental health clearly cannot be separated. If you or someone you know might be struggling with hearing loss, take action, and seek out hearing healthcare. A hearing aid clinic will be able to perform tests and recommend treatments. Don't ignore hearing needs to enjoy better physical, social, and mental health.


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