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Tips for Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aids

hearing test centersAn estimated 28.8 million adults in the United States could benefit from being fitted with hearing aids. However, for some, the benefits of hearing aids may not be immediate.


Many first-time hearing aid users experience confusion and frustration after leaving hearing test centers with their new device. After all, an individual may have gone years with limited hearing ability, and learning to operate a piece of hearing healthcare equipment comes with a bit of a learning curve.


If you're feeling frustrated with your new hearing aid, fear not. Adjusting to the device to meet your specific hearing needs can take four to six weeks. In the meantime, use the following tips and tricks to feel more comfortable and confident with your hearing device!


Start Small


At first, practice wearing the hearing aid in a quiet room, and only wear it for a couple of hours each day. As you grow more comfortable, work up to louder environments, and wear the hearing aid for longer durations. Your brain needs time to "re-learn" how to hear, identify, and interpret sounds, so starting small can help your brain transition more smoothly.


Resist Adjusting the Volume


Once you leave the hearing clinic, it can be tempting to fiddle with the volume on a new hearing aid. You may be questioning whether or not you're hearing properly-- was the microwave always that loud? Why can't I hear the television? However, today's hearing aid technology is quite advanced, and many can automatically adjust to different listening environments. Give your ears and brain time to adjust, and don't manually change the settings on your device unless you're sure it is necessary.


Practice With Friends and Family


Studies show that we are better able to recognize and interpret the voices of those we know best. When you're getting used to conversing while wearing hearing aids, practice in a group of your friends and family. This gives you a chance to work with multiple voices coming from slightly different directions. Practicing with your loved ones can help you feel supported, too, as you regain your hearing confidence!


Hearing aids are not like glasses, which alter your vision immediately. Getting comfortable and improving your hearing with hearing aids takes time. Use these tips to practice with your new hearing device, and enjoy reconnecting with the sounds of your world!


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