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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

Hearing Evaluation

Your sense of hearing is a vital link to your world.  Through your hearing you are able to communicate with others and experience the sounds in your environment. Good hearing also contributes to personal safety, emotional well-being and independence.  Because of the importance of good hearing and the essential role it plays in our daily lives, a hearing evaluation is recommended for everyone not just for people who suspect they have a hearing problem.

Ear Wax Removal

Some wax in the ear is normal. In fact ear wax is necessary and good for your ear.  However, excessive build up of wax is not good as it can interfere with your hearing.

Prior to any hearing evaluation our audiologist will examine your ear canals using an instrument called an otoscope. Through the otoscope, our audiologist can determine the condition of your ear up to the eardrum . It can reveal the presence of wax and other foreign debris. It is very important to remove excessive build up of wax or other debris in the ear canal prior to any hearing evaluation .Otherwise, the hearing test results may not be accurate.

Never use cotton swabs to remove ear wax. Cotton swabs can push the ear wax deeper in the ear canals and can cause possible damage to your eardrum.

Hearing Test

The next step to a hearing evaluation is the hearing test. This is done inside a sound treated booth using either earphones or ear inserts and bone conduction headband. Your hearing will be evaluation using a series of beeps/tones presented at different frequencies and loudness. You will be asked to respond by pressing a button whenever you hear a beep. Words and sentences will be used to determine your word recognition scores in quiet and/or noisy situations. 

Our audiologist then will go over the hearing test results with you and explain what they mean. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions or voice your concerns. Should your hearing test results indicate that your hearing is outside the normal hearing range, our audiologist will also recommend the most appropriate hearing solution for you.