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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Once hearing is lost, it can not be restored. Hence, it is very important to protect your hearing early on and while you still can. The old adage " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sums up well the essence of why we should protect our hearing.

Custom earplugs are different from the disposable foam earplugs. Custom earplugs that are molded to the shape of your own ear. Hence, they are more comfortable to wear.   There are different custom earplugs for different activities.




AquaNots prevent moisture from entering the ear canal. They are optimal for swimming, watersports, and showering to prevent infection. AquaNots float and feature added finger grips for easy removal.




The Surfer is designed to prevent surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear caused by exposure to cold water and wind. The floatable material is molded with a sealed membrane spanning the sound bore that keeps cold water and air out of the ear canal but allows for conversation and hearing while in the ear.




The Motorsport is designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting. It is comfortable and easy to remove. Check local laws governing use.




The Concert is an ideal hearing protector for musicians and concert attendees, but is also useful to anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments. An interchangeable flat attenuation filter allows the wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced volumes. Can be ordered with a choice of 9, 15, or 25 dB Etymotic Research® filters.




The Sleep is designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted rest. It is great for shift workers and credited with saving many relationships!




The TRU Professional offers excellent protection and comfortable long-term wear for on the job scenarios, as well as every day use where speech or music clarity is a must.




Westone TRU Shooter Ear Plugs put the power to control your hearing protection at your fingertips.




Shooter ear plugs are specifically designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions. The Shooter allows for clear communication, as well as enhanced ambient awareness. When a gunshot is fired, the electronic circuit instantly suppresses the loud noise, protecting your hearing!

Whatever your unique lifestyle, your hearing professional has custom solutions to fit your needs. Your hearing is important. Take care to protect it for today and for the future. If you work in a high-noise environment, it's important to have regular hearing appointments to check for early indications of hearing loss. Speak with your hearing specialist today about the right solution for you.