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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Hearing Aids 

The performance and appearance of hearing aids have seen a significant transformation in the past few years.  State-of-the-art technology  such the as use of artificial intelligence, faster microchips and advancements in design have allowed the hearing aids to be smaller, more stylish, work faster and definitely do more than ever before. 

The path to better hearing starts with your positive decision and motivation to take action. Your ideal hearing solution should address your unique hearing needs as well as personal preferences such as style, design and financial matters.  Our audiologist will guide you in the decision making process, help you understand your hearing needs and recommend the most appropriate hearing solution for you.

So if you are researching about hearing aids for a family member, or a new hearing instrument candidate, or you are ready to upgrade your current ones rest assured that there is a solution for you.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Behind the ear

Receiver in the ear

In the Ear


Rechargeable hearing aids are now available. Instead of replacing the hearing aid batteries within 7-10 days, the hearing aids are simply placed on a base for charging. This is a exceptional option for people with dexterity issues as it makes the hearing aids easier to handle. When fully charged the hearing aids can last for hours.

Blue Tooth Compatibility

Most hearing aids can now be paired with blue tooth compatible gadgets such as an I Iphone. When the hearing aids are paired with hearing aid user's Iphone  he can answer or make phone calls hands free or without putting the cell phone to his ears. The sound goes directly from the cell phone to the hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Accesories

Ear Gear  is a water resistant double wall spandex nylon sleeve. The hearing aid is inserted inside the sleeve for protection against dirt, sweat and moisture. It minimizes wind noise. The spandex material is comfortable to wear and can prevent the ears from chaffing. It can also be clipped to the clothing securing the hearing aid in place and preventing the hearing aid from being lost. Ear Gear is a must for anyone who has an active lifestyle or anyone who simply wants to secure and protect their hearing aids. After all, hearing aids are truly an investment.

Ear Gear is available in 8 stylish colors (royal blue, black, chocolate brown, beige, camouflage, lipstick pink, orange/red and gray to add some pizzazz to your hearing aids. Ear Gear can be washed and reused over and over again.