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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Hearing aids are in contact with wax, skin debris and sweat daily, which can affect performance. Regular cleaning of hearing aids is necessary to ensure that they are in good working condition.

When cleaning the hearing aids, pay close attention to the microphone inlets. Dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate overtime in the microphone inlets causing the hearing devices to malfunction. Daily cleaning of the hearing aids is highly recommended. Use the cleaning brush and cloth provided . Do not use alcohol and other harsh liquid solvents to clean the hearing aids as they can cause damage to electronic components.

Here are some troubleshooting tips should you encounter problems with your hearing instruments.

No sound

  • Check the filter.  If clogged, replace with new filter.
  • Verify that the battery is inserted correctly.
  • Battery might be dead or weak.  Replace with new battery.
  • Ensure that hearing aid is not on “Mute” or “Telecoil” mode

Hearing aid is whistling

  • Remove and reinsert the hearing aid.
  • Check for any cracks on your earmold tubing.
  • Check for debris that might be plugging up the hearing aid, then clean with hearing aid brush.
  • Ear canal might be occluded with wax. Call a hearing care professional to have wax removed.

Hearing aid sounds weak and/or distorted

  • Replace with a fresh battery.
  • Check for debris that might be plugging up the hearing aid then clean with hearing aid brush.

If hearing aid problem persists despite troubleshooting, an appointment with the Audiologist is necessary.

Call The Hearing Clinic at (985) 446-8328 to schedule an appointment.