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Speech Mapping

What is Speech Mapping

The hearing aids nowadays are so advanced that there is an even greater need to for a fitting tool to verify how these sophisticated hearing devices are working. The answer is Speech Mapping. Speech mapping s a verification tool that provides our Audiologist valuable information as to what one can and can not hear with their hearing aids in real time.  It is like taking a picture of  how you hear speech  with your hearing aids on and allowing our audiologist to see what you hear as you are hearing it.

Why Speech Mapping is done

Speech mapping is used at our clinic for most of our hearing aid fittings. It an integral part of our hearing aid fitting process that allows our audiologist to set and customized the hearing aids to best possible fit for you. Based on the speech mapping results our Audiologist can make necessary adjustments and fine tuning to the hearing devices to ensure to speech sounds will be audible to the wearer of the hearing aids. The result is a highly customized , best fit hearing aid setting for the patient.

How Speech Mapping is Done

Speech Mapping is done by placing probe microphones as deep as possible in the ear canals without touching the eardrum. The placement of the probe microphones in the ear canals take into consideration a patient's ear size and shape. It uses digitally-recorded real-speech signals. The use of such speech signals is very significant because in real life we want to her speech and not simply tones or beeps. There is no subjective task required on the part of the patient such as  pressing a button or hand raising. One simply has to listen to the digitally-recorded real-speech signals. Hence, speech mapping is an objective tool to adjust and set the hearing aids that it based on years of research.