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We offer a variety of hearing services to help you hear your best.

Hearing Healthcare in Southeast Louisiana

At The Hearing Clinic, we offer a wide range of diagnostic hearing services. Our staff provides friendly and knowledgeable service to our patients. We understand hearing loss can feel overwhelming. That is why our space is relaxing and our team are experts at managing hearing loss. When you come to The Hearing Clinic you’ll receive our full attention and support so you can enjoy the most out of life with better hearing.

Our Services

Hearing exam at The Hearing Clinic
  • Hearing Evaluations: Diagnostic hearing evaluations assess your overall hearing health. They can identify if you have hearing loss or not and determine the type and degree of hearing loss and tinnitus. The hearing test results are crucial in customizing our treatment plan for you.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting: If hearing loss is identified and you are a candidate for hearing aids, it will be recommended. We will expertly fit you with hearing aids based on your unique ear shape and hearing needs so you can enjoy life through better hearing.
  • Hearing Aid Cleanings: We will professionally deep clean your hearing aids so we can ensure that they are working properly at all times.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs: Depending on the level of hearing aid technology, all new hearing aids purchased from The Hearing Clinic come with at least a two-year repair warranty. If the hearing aid is no longer under warranty, we will get your authorization first before repairing.
  • Speech Mapping: Speech mapping is a test performed after the hearing aid fitting. This test measures objectively what you can and cannot hear with your hearing aids. Based on the speech mapping results, our hearing expert can make hearing aid adjustments to ensure that speech is heard clearly at a comfortable level.
  • Hearing Protection: We make custom fit ear plugs, musician’s plugs, and ear molds for different activities to protect your hearing against damaging noise or prevent your ears from exposure to water. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Tinnitus Treatment: Sound therapy through the use of sound machines, sound generators, masking noise and hearing aids is how we treat tinnitus. A special tinnitus program can be created on most of our hearing aids to help alleviate the ringing in your ears.
  • Earwax Removal: Earwax can be uncomfortable, cause temporary hearing loss or make your hearing aid sound weak, distorted or not work at all. We can remove excessive ear wax by using a special machine to help you hearing your best.
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs): We have a variety of Assistive listening devices or ALDs. ALDs are hearing aid accessories that can be used alone or in conjunction with hearing aids. They are often used in very challenging listening environment to help reduce the noise so that speech can be heard more clearly.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories at The Hearing Clinic

Hearing aid accessories can be connected with your cell phones, iPads, and televisions. We provide comprehensive training and support for all of our hearing aid accessories. We want to make you feel comfortable using them. We want to ensure that your listening experience is pleasant and seamless when using them. We provide additional training and support for family members as well if needed.

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