The Hearing Clinic, LLC

527 Foret St. Thibodaux, LA 70301



Catherine Lo, AuD, is awesome! She explains very well. She is knowledgeable and kind. She relates to patient and spouse with great pride, with expert advice and makes sure patient understand. It was our pleasure seeing her and getting hearing aids. Office was very clean and comfortable. Staff awesome.
Gerald H. of Thibodaux, LA 07/03/2017 

I've been dealing with Mrs. Lo for quite a few years and she is a great doctor. One of my ears (the one I wear a hearing aid in) has a unique design to it and she goes beyond trying to fit me for my hearing aid. If I could, she would get a 'very higher" rating. She is also so very pleasant, sweet lady and going to see her is a pleasure. She has helped me feel so much better about myself..just love her. 
Deborah R. of Lockport, LA 06/14/2017 

Catherine Lo is "the best." I have been a client for 10+ years. She does "the right thing." These Oticon hearing aids are "the best."
Janet L. of Lockport, LA 04/12/2017 

Great experience Great fitting aids are wonderful! Great at explaining and answering any questions. Goes above and beyond in care!

M D. of Houma, LA 04/05/2017 

I had tried other hearing aids and was not happy with them. Going to Dr. Lo made all the difference. She was right on the target as to which hearing aid I needed. Without her patience and professional knowledge I would not be wearing hearing aids today.
Mike B. of Houma, LA 11/16/2016 

A visit to the Hearing Clinic is a pleasant experience, taking time with a patient and never in a hurry. Dr. Lo and her staff are very professional, but also treat you like a family member. The clinic would get an A+ if I were to score them.
Bessie W. of Thibodaux, LA 10/20/2016 

I liked the experience; apparent excellent education, compassion and tolerance of older people. I liked the friendly atmosphere and promptness but patient so I didn't feel rushed. 
Carolyn H. of Thibodaux, LA 07/05/2016   

You won't find a better more caring and knowledgeable audiologist anywhere. Dr. Lo is the greatest and uses state of the art technology. You will not get better care anywhere!
Chris S. of Houma, LA  06/25/2016 

Professional and caring.

Bonnie T. of Thibodaux, LA 02/02/2017  

5, excellent experience.

Calvin B. of Thibodaux, LA 01/19/2017  

Dr. Lo is very caring and well-informed. The staff is excellent.
Carolyn G. of Thibodaux, LA 12/07/2016

They were knowledgeable, patient and provided a pleasant experience.
Robert H. of Schriever, LA  03/04/2013   

 Dr. Lo was thorough and wanted the customer to be confident in the hearing device. There was no pressure to make a purchase.

Albert S. of Bourg, LA  05/14/2013